An extended thankful list

Each November we sit down
With our turkey and our dressings,
And we stop and take a moment
To recognize our blessings.

Sure we love our family,
Sure we love our friends.
Sure we love our health
And hope happiness never ends.

We’re thankful for each other
We’re thankful for the food.
We’re thankful for peace on earth
And that we’re clothed and shoed.

But if you stop and really think
Of your thankful item list,
There are a few daily items
That surely would be missed.

So besides all the usual stuff,
That is a grateful bore,
I offer up a thing or two
That I’m very thankful for.

I’m thankful for the stretchy pants
That fit my curvy legs,
I’m thankful for the chicken
For laying tasty eggs.

I’m thankful for dental floss
After dining on ears of corn,
I’m thankful that winter sweaters
Can more than once be worn.

I’m thankful for a TV show
That’s not an old rerun,
I’m thankful for dishwashers,
For getting the job done.

I’m thankful for fuzzy slippers,
And thankful for guest cooks.
I’m thankful for the library
And the free resource of books.

I’m thankful for medicine
To take away my aches,
And thankful for cold weather
That hides away the snakes.

I’m thankful for the person
Who first invented cheese.
I’m thankful that my body
Still has sturdy knees.

I’m thankful when laundry duty
Brings an extra dime,
And thankful (despite procrastination)
When my work gets done on time.

I’m thankful for sandwich bread
That hasn’t yet grown mold,
And thankful for the fitted sheets
When I actually get a fold.

I’m thankful for my GPS
When in a different town.
I’m thankful when my toast
Is the perfect shade of brown.

I’m thankful for shampoo and soap
That makes us all so clean.
I’m thankful for my daily dose
Of imperitive caffiene.

I’m thankful for clean water,
In liquid, solid, or vapor.
I’m thankful when I can safely reach
A new roll of toilet paper.

I’m thankful for the internet,
Crock Pots and chicken wings,
And thankful for Facebook friends
That recommend these very things.

I’m thankful for free refills,
And for flavored Tootsie Rolls.
I’m thankful for finding socks that match
And that don’t have giant holes.

I’m thankful for the well-timed toot
When the mood is dark and solemn,
I’m thankful that you, my friend,
Are somehow still reading this column.

Maybe the answer to life’s riddle,
To avoid the blues and sorrow,
Is to remember all of these little things

And be just as thankful…tomorrow.

Originally written 11.22.15


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