Act your age! (Not.)

 Thanks to catching a bit of a talk show on public radio, I now second guess everything I do, wear and say. Like, totes. For reals.
            The host was blabbing about something and the bottom line is that he reported that people over the age of 40 tend to think they are 20% younger than they are. He went on to quip about why you see solid, middle-aged people making less than wise decisions, such as pumping loud bass in their cars or wearing skinny jeans.
            Oh no, I thought. I have skinny jeans. And I wear them. Does this mean I’m one of those old people that the young people are laughing about? And even though I’m not quite 40, with a birthday this week, it’s getting closer every year. Then what will happen? What sort of terrible fashion mistakes will I make and will my children disown me and forbid me to Instagram my food and leave home if I start hashtagging everything? #momisgettingold
            Because I still believe deep down that you’re only as old as you want to be, I did a little super scientific internet research on this how-old-are-you topic, mostly so I could have decent conversation while my family serves me cake this year. Turns out there are multiple studies that have a variety of results, but they all pretty much say the same thing: the older you get, the younger you think you are.
            A survey that asked people ages 18 to 29 found that half felt as old as they were. 25% said they felt younger than they were, and 25% said they felt older. (I’m guessing these were the newly 21 year olds who had not quite matured yet.) When they asked the same question to adults over 65, only 32% said they feel their age. 3% said they felt older, and a whopping 65% said they feel younger than they actually are. Rock on, Grandma!
            It then comes as no surprise that another study was done that states that the younger you feel, the longer you will live. Feeling youth not only gives us a little extra spring in our step, but it also gives us the hope and excitement of whatever good things tomorrow may bring.
            This is something I can live by. I admit to be an addict of the daydream, because I feel that the day I give up imagining that slice of perfection, is the day I give up completely.
            So bring on the skinny jeans and the loud music, the slang and whatever else the crazy kids are doing these days. This year, and every year my body and this green Earth allows, I refuse to grow old gracefully because now I have scientific evidence that shows that I’m really just getting younger every year. #momisembarrassing

Originally written 7.26.15


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