Three hugs

I got or gave three hugs today, if you don’t count the ones from my children or husband because those are too numerous to count.  I am a lucky woman.
But today I had three hugs from three different women, each completely unrelated to each other, and each with a special story worth sharing.
My friend D. and I cross paths as often as we can.  We met at our local YMCA where she became a regular in the Zumba classes I instruct.  Nearly instant friends, our lives have gotten so busy that even texting to keep each other up to date on life is rare.  But today we made plans to workout and follow it up with a deliciously greasy breakfast.  Cup after cup of coffee, we filled each other in on kids, careers, houses, dreams, life.  At some point I considered switching to decaf, but it wasn’t worth it.  The caffeine was symbolic of our rekindled energy.  Finally parting, we went to get into our cars.  She came up to me and said, “You know, I don’t see you enough.  I want to give you a hug.”  And she did.
I know a lady, B., who I also met through my fitness class, who just always struck me as neat person.  A few years older than I, her son is a few years older than mine.  The boys have met each other in school activitites, and I heard my kid talk about hers so much that even she and I have spent more time talking. She shares her wisdom, her son’s willingness to help mine.  I appreciate her knowledge because to me it seems thought out clearly.  She sent me a message asking if my youngest child would be interested in a dressing table.  “I’m cleaning out my room and I was going to donate it, but my son said I should give it to a little girl instead.”  I loaded it gently into the back of my vehicle and chatted for way too long in her driveway.  Finally I told her I was thankful, that my daughter will be so happy, and I gave her a big hug. 
A friend and theatrical co-worker of mine, S., met up at our local community theater’s latest production.  Opening weekend, and I know how much time she and her daughter have spent working on the show while I took a much-needed break.  Normally, she and I see each other many times a week, but recently not much.  When I saw her I ran up and we traded hugs, even before we spoke a word to one another. An I-miss-you, we’re-a-great-team hug, here-we-go embrace.  Some hugs speak louder than words.
Three hugs on one fairly ordinary day.  Each one different, each one special. Not a single one taken for granted. 

Originally written/published 3/22/15


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