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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome, summer break

This was not my idea, but it was so good I had to make one for ourselves. An un-official summer to-do list, complete with a bunch of ideas to turn to when we wake up and say, "what are we going to do today so that no one kills each other?"
We quickly scribbled some ideas after they got home from their last day of school yesterday, and I hope to keep adding to it as we come up with other dreams and plans for our days in the sun and nights under the stars.
Last night we sat around our annual last-day-of-school campfire, ate our favorite popcorn, and my daughter learned a C and an F chord on the ukulele. My son learned the in's and out's of a harmonica. It was one of those nights that was so perfect, I can't get myself to actually cross those items off our list... I want more.


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