A need for weeds: Dandelion Fritters

Of all places, this recipe came to us in a Smucker's cookbook we got at the local Bunny Trail. I was surprised to find something as "odd" as dandelion fritters, but even more shocked to find a full recipe for acorn pancakes. (We'll have to tackle those later. When we move to an oak forest.)
When your son says he wants to cook, you say YES no matter the recipe, and so we gave this one a whirl to make the most interesting after school snack of the week.
He ate the whole plate.

You will need:
1 cup biscuit mix
1 cup milk
1 Tbl honey + More for dipping
Oil for frying
Fresh dandelion flowers with no stems/leaves- rinsed and dried.

1. Mix biscuit mix, milk, and honey in a large bowl.
2. Heat oil (about 1/2 inch) in a skillet until water sizzles when dropped in.
3. Batter the dandelion flowers a few at a time and drop them into the oil, flower side first.
4. Fry until golden brown, drain on paper towels.
5. Serve with honey or jam.

(note: I didn't take off all of the green in these-- next time I will.)

"It's like a flower donut," he said. Brilliant.


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