Today, we dance to Zydeco

I was reminded that my previous post was less than pleasant, and I couldn't in good conscious leave it at the top of this page.

So today I present readers with my new most favorite quotation:

“Without music, life would be a mistake...."
I believe this to be true, as today in my weariness, dragging my recovering self out of bed, I prepared for a music lesson I am giving. Because singing is still painful from my lovely surgery, I'll be introducing preschool children to different types of music. Bluegrass, Classical, Jazz, Ragtime, and Zydeco. And I was reminded as I went through and chose my songs that even in the weariest of moods, a little Bill Monroe or anything Cajun can do nothing but make you smile.
There is a second part of Nietzche's quote:
"...I would only believe in a God who knew how to dance.”
Interpret that as you will, but I have a feeling I'll see a little bit of a higher power when there's a roomful of beautiful children two-stepping to accordion music.


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