Make your own Silly Bandz...again

AGAIN?!? Yes. This is a take two version of the Halloween ghost silly band project I did here. Check it out if you wish to see some clear and more simple silly bands. Continue reading on if you're up for a challenge... and a week of green thumbs.

First, a disclaimer. This is not the easiest of projects. It's a bit of of a novelty, being able to create a piece of rubbery plastic in any shape you like, but at some point you may yell out loud "I can buy these for two dollars! What am I doing?!?" That said, it's still quite impressive. And relatively simple.

You will need:
-100% Silicone. Note the color: we first bought "almond" by mistake and they were pretty ugly! Go with "clear" unless you want something else. And make sure it's 100% silicone. If you've got an Ace Hardware, find the matching tube in the photo so you don't look like a dork standing there in the aisle with men making fun of you.
-A design. For size, look at a similar shaped bracelet you have. I printed off clipart.
-Clipboard and waxed paper. Works great for holding the pattern down, and you can do a few on every sheet without having to reposition patterns. Clip your pattern down and then cover it with waxed paper.
-If you are brave and want color: food coloring, a decorating tip (that you will forever have to give up) and a heavy plastic bag. And a toothpick to stir in the color. And gloves would be handy if you don't want to look like the Jolly Green Giant.

The procedure:

FOR CLEAR SILLY BANDS, just cut a small bit off the end of the tube of silicone and trace over. Make sure you cut the tip straight across, not at an angle.


-Cut a small corner off the plastic bag and put in the decorating tip.
-Squeeze a fair amount into the corner of a plastic bag. Put in a few drops of your desired food coloring and stir like mad with the toothpick (or other disposable stirring device.) It will be hard to get it all mixed in, and some of the dye will leak out, so make sure you've got your counters covered.


-Squeeze the tube/bag so that the silicone comes out solid and round, and fairly thick. Think of how thick an actual rubber bracelet it-- that will help. Make a continuous trace around your pattern, watching your connection. If there is a thin spot, it will break.

Some tips:
*DON'T "WIPE" with the tube. Keep it up off of the waxed paper.
*Watch your little doo-hickeys. I loved the recycling bracelet we did (Hello, Earth Day project!) but the arrows were less than perfect.
*Keep your designs simple, but don't be afraid to add some detail. My oak leaf looks like a blob, the maple is super duper.

And finally, let your silly bands dry for at least 4 hours. Gently peel them off, crossing your fingers that your connections are all solid, and make your children very cool.

And if you have questions, feel free to email me. Address is in the sidebar on the left.


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