Make your own marshmallow shooter!

If ever there was fun to be found in the hardware store, this is surely it.
With just a few pieces of PVC pipe and fittings, you can whip up you're very own marshmallow shooter. And if you shop correctly, your bag of ammo will cost more than the gun itself!

The completed marshmallow shooter:

And now, how to make it!
You'll need:
22 inches of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
2 1/2 inch end caps
2 1/2 inch elbows
2 1/2 inch T's

Either con the nice man at the hardware store to cut up the PVC pipe or use a handy hacksaw to saw that 22" into:
1 7" piece
5 3" pieces

Then, assemble as follows. You don't need any glue-- just push the pieces together.

To shoot, put a mini marshmallow into the long end. Blow a puff of air (with pursed lips) into the mouthpiece in the open elbow. It'll take some practice, but it's great fun!

A word of warning: If you have kids breathing into it too much, it'll get wet and gummy. Disassemble and clean/dry.

A word of education: Have your little engineers rearrange the pieces to come up with other ways to shoot. (Wow, guns make you smart?!?)

Have fun, shoot straight, eat s'mores.


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