Not Penicillin, Momicillin

Many do not know, but I have a pretty substantial relationship with antibiotics. Coined "the queen of strep throat" over the past few years, I actually walk into the doctor and they look at me and say: Oh no, not again.
So me and penicillin, we go way back.
And now, I've got a new "cillin" to claim: Momicillin.
A regular writer on there, it's the bare bones of motherhood and womanhood, often not the prettiest of pictures (but hopefully one that will be the medicine you need for a chuckle or two.)
Because they have rights to the work, I can't post them anywhere else but can certainly direct readers there.

So without further adieu, here's the latest installment. Or should I say...

Great Shel Silverstein in the morning with cabbage soup for breakfast!

ps. Gerturde Hurlbutt was the woman who won the contest and gave the name "skeet" the the sport of skeet shooting. She also won $100 for her fancy idea. Thought you should know.


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