Today's nature activity was well intended...but oh well

Today I lead the first of two summer hikes for children (and people who have them) at Wooster Memorial Park. I had a great plan where we would read a story, learn to truly observe nature, hike and use our new found skill, and finish off with a stunning craft. This beauty right here:

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Find a leaf and glue it (Tacky Glue is the greatest stuff in the world) on some paper.

2. Using markers, add legs, arms, captions, etc.

3. Glue on some googly eyes. (Everyone loves googly eyes.)

What a great and free community event I had planned! I was so excited. In fact, I was so excited, that I loaded up my kids and our picnic lunches and forgot all of my materials at home, sitting neatly packed in my favorite backpack, in the mudroom.

Not so good.

But thanks to the fabulous parents that came out in the air so thick with humidity and mosquitoes, it was a wonderful morning, craft or no craft, book or no book. The skill of survival applies to everything, and with a stack of scrap paper and a crayon from some random restaurant, I salvaged the morning.


Blasted mosquitoes... otherwise I'd consider a walk (er, hike). You've almost enticed me, but the pool beckoned :)
I found your blog from a link from a blog that I follow and I love your blog. I'm so glad you are human too!!! And yet everything turns out just fine -- isn't it great!
Anyway, I think I will follow your blog too.
Feel free to follow mine if you'd like, I'd be so happy to get up to 20 followers!

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