Wonderment Wednesday: Play with a rain drop

This summer as I share my love of the out-of-doors with children, I thought I'd share some of our favorite activities and new experiments with readers of this blog. Visit on Wednesdays each week to find something new to do and try when the kids invade your home!


Our weather this week couldn't get much worse. They say if you don't like the weather in northeast Ohio, stay one more day and it's likely to change. Lately around here it's gone from bad to worse. As I type this, I can look out my window and baby pea plants, beautiful bachelor buttons, blooming lilacs, and it's only 43 degrees. And raining. Spring sprung, then went back to bed, apparently.
The good news is that it's supposed to warm up. The bad news is that the rain is supposed to be the big story all week long, which is par for the course when it comes to spring, but a veritable doomsday when you're a kid and really want to go out and play.

Instead, touch some raindrops. Play with them. Even roll them around....

Play with a rain drop
pie plate
flour (any kind will do)


Place an inch or so of flour in your pie tin and wait for it to rain...

Put on your best rubber boots and head outside. The bigger the rain drops the better, so wait for the nice, fat ones to start falling!

Head back in and carefully scoop out the flour where the drops have landed and gently sift them out.They will be fragile, but what you are looking at are the actual drops of rain! Let them dry and harden to be more durable.

Get really bored? Paint them. Extra credit? Catch some in a heavy storm, some in a light rain and use this as a tool to see how all rain drops are different.

When you're finished, either leave your flour and pie tin in a safe spot and wait for the next rain, or store your flour in a plastic bag. You can use it again and again if you keep it clear of raindrops!


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