Short order cook: tortilla pizza

I have this terrible habit of asking my kids what they want for lunch. It's a bad habit because they will always, without a doubt, say three different things. I swear it's on purpose just to make their mother frazzle right there on the spot.
One such episode happened just recently.
"Ham and cheese," said one.
"Chicken nuggets," said another.
"Tortilla pizza," said the third.
I threw down my fists and responded, "I am not a short order cook!" and they looked at me blankly because they had no idea what I was talking about.
"Pick ONE" I demanded, still thinking they didn't know how lucky they were I didn't give them old, crusty bread and glass of spoiled milk.
After much deliberation, they settled on tortilla pizza, a go-to standard of this house that originated somewhere in the mountains of New Mexico on a backpacking trip where bread would have been squished in my 40-pound backpack. Cooked over a campstove, it's a delight beyond belief, especially while overlooking a sunset that uses every color of the rainbow.
But cooked over a real stove, even in Ohio, it's a good treat.

Tortilla Pizzas
(basically, you're making quesedillas with pizza fillings, but work with me here!)

frying pan
cooking spray
flour tortillas to fit in the pan
fillings (pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, etc.)

Heat pan over med-hi heat. Spray with cooking spray, lay one tortilla in the pan. Immediately top the pizza-- first the sauce (go light!), then the cheese and toppings. Cover with the other tortilla and spray the top of it.
When the bottom tortilla starts to brown, carefully flip the pizza over. Continue to cook until the other side starts to brown and the cheese melts.

My favorite pizza? Pesto, goat cheese, and sliced tomatoes. Coincidentally, it's my children's LEAST favorite pizza, which works out so very well for me. The clever, clever mind of a short order cook...


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