Super Snazzy Make-your-own Earth Day Shirt!!!

I went online over breakfast trying to find a decent Earth Day shirt project for us to make and then wear during our community clean up.
The verdict: NOTHING. One super-lame site even instructed, "buy a plain t-shirt, get paint, and paint your favorite Earth Day phrase."
Gee, thanks. I could have never thought of that myself....

...I think what I did think of was even better. This was a quick craft and as you can see, came out really wonderful. The best part was that we used old t-shirts, so there was even "reuse" involved in the whole process. Whip these babies up while the sun in shining. Earth Day is 40 years old and I'll be the first to tell you that while I'm not a tree-hugger (I worked for a coal mine, for Pete's sake), I do so very much enjoy trees. So if it means doing a little extra for the good of all the Earth, so be it. Laziness is not an attractive quality. Identifying trees, wildflowers, and birds, well, that's something to write home about.

The finished product!

In the beginning, there were old t-shirts, a strip of brown paint, and a hand print for the branches... I used acrylic paint because it's what I had on hand. Obviously fabric paint would be ideal, but in a pinch we used what we had. Hardware: paint brush, paint tray, paint pen, little spongie circles. Paints: brown, black pen, shades of green.

"Write your favorite Earth Day slogan here!" We used a paint pen. Still hard, but not as hard as a paint brush.

A whole lotta dottin' going on. Make sure not to totally cover up the super cool handprint.
Enjoy! Here's our neighborhood gang ready for clean up duty. Great job, guys!


Anonymous said…
oh I love this! wanna copy!

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