The best new car travel game, just in time for summer!

When I sat down this morning to blog a recipe, I realized that I spent the majority of the weekend being a lazy lump of a person, pulling chili out of the freezer on Saturday and chicken soup out of the freezer on Sunday. (I did pull off an amazing Chicken and Dumplin' recipe care of Paula Deen, but it took forever and I think I gained 18 pounds just making it.)
Just when I thought today's post would be as bland as the plain noodles I had to serve my kids because they won't eat chili, my dear husband emailed me something i scribbled down on his computer during a recent very, very, very long car ride.
Let me set the scene...
Spring break, 2010. We and half of the state of Ohio, 1/3 the state of Michigan and a good part of Pennsylvania is traveling down Route 77 in search of weather that doesn't stink. Our car is loaded with children, suitcases, scooters, video games and DVD's, junk food galore and a few dozen empty coffee cups.
We could have made the trip easily, if it weren't for the copious amount of people thinking the same thing. The highways were so clogged with traffic, that it was stop and go for miles and miles.
We decided to be adventurous and detour three different times. All slap happy, over-caffeinated, and tired of listening to The Veggie Tales Easter Movie, from being the steering wheel I said, "I've got an idea. Let's play a game."
I have played "I'm going on a trip and I'm going to take A-apple, B-beans, C-camouflage" too many times. The kids can't see signs from the backseat to play the ABC find it game. Eye spy, after 8 years of playing, is rather like "I'd rather stick a poker in my eye." And so, a new goofball game was born.
I proudly present....


Easy to play. Just make up your own rules and keep your eyes peeled. Here are our rules. Every time you pass one of these things, you do the action. There's no scorekeeping, no winner. Just a bunch of silliness, probably enough to make your husband claw at the window to escape the vehicle.

COW: mmm, hamburgers
ANY OTHER ANIMAL: Fozzie dooo doooo (or any other silly thing that makes your family giggle)
CHURCH: Hallelujah
HOUSE FOR SALE: Hi, honey, I’m home!
GAS STATION: fart sound (the louder, the better, of course)

*These may change with every trip*
-If you pass a McDonald’s, you have to sit on one hand until you pass another fast food restaurant (driver exception)
-If you pass a bike rider or walker, you have to pat your head and rub your tummy.
-If you see a tow truck, you have to grab your toe.
-If you pass a basketball hoop, pat your back.


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