Dance Dance Revolution-- NE Ohio Polka style

A few weeks ago I wrote a column in the paper (you can find it here on my blog) about the lack of dancing these days. There's nothing better as a writer than striking a chord with your readers. I was so excited to receive a number of emails -- and even a phone call -- from fellow believers that dancing (ballroom and polka styles, not hip-grinding, strobe-light, x-rated styles) is a good thing. More than that, they also sent me information on local places to dance! Even more? One offered me her dance partner.
There is not much sweeter than that.
So it is with great pleasure that I share the information that was sent to me.
Dance away, all!!

This Saturday, March 20th. KofC in Wooster is hosting a dance. Information here:

But wait, there's more:
There are two wonderful places to dance; Saturday night in Copley at Sherwood Ballroom and Rolando's on Sunday in Canton. Rolando's dance goes from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and features polka bands from northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. I am sure it will remind you of home. Sometimes there are dances on Friday and Sunday in Copley, too. Copley is all ballroom although occasionally they play a polka (usually for me and my partner). The address for Rolando's is 2433 Whipple Avenue, NW, Canton, Ohio. Phone number is 330-477-5934.

You can find Sherwood on the Internet for details about times and directions. I live in Wooster and my dance partner lives in Massillon and these are two of the places we go regularly when I am not taking chemo. I guarantee you a good time at both places. You will love the people. You can take your children to Sherwood and teach them to dance. It is always a small crowd and the dance floor is the size of a gymnasium. The man who plays the cd's is a dance instructor himself so he has terrific music.

More yet!
We are currently dancing at the Kickin Kountry in Bolivar, Oh on Monday nights. Dance barn is located behind the Giant Eagles store just east of the Bolivar exit #93 off of I77. Lesson starts at 7:15 Pm with Rumba being the lesson of the month. Lesson are followed by open dancing. Cost is $7 per person and worth every penny. The instructor is excellent. Line dancing is offered on Wed. and Thurs nights and Fri and Sat open dancing is offered many times with a live band. On the last Sunday of the month is a ballroom dance from 7-10. so there is a lot of dancing and dancers going on if you know where to look.We also ballroom dance in Canton at the Meadowlake Golf Course on 39th street east of Market. It is called Rafters and is the social area for the golfers. Lessons there are also on Monday nights and the instructors are excellent there too. Dances are held once a month on a Saturday night.


Unknown said…
Yay! This makes me want to research where I can dance in LA! I know there are a ton of places. I always tell my husband I want us to take some dance lessons together...but he's dragging his feet. Not his thing. Maybe when we get old. :-)

Happy Thursday....

Question is, will your husband go?

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