Mommy meltdown

In the midst of a major mommy meltdown this week (snowblower, kids, dogs, mess, little Valentine's all over durn house), I got this email from my 8 year old daughter that she typed on my husband's phone.
And within a few seconds, my mommy meltdown turned into a mommy HEART meltdown...

Dear Mommy
I think you are very very very cool,EVAN when you tell to us to do something we do not do it so you yell at us.
People at school like you,*Bob, Laura, and Peter and more people too think you are AWESOME!!!! I LOVE you so so so so so much that I can not even say how much!!!!
One question :What is your favortive type of coffee?
Your favortive daughter, Ellie Ellen F. McAllister
P.S. You are very very very SWEET !!!
You are also very very very NICE!!!

*names changed... :)


ohhhh that is so nice! It must just get better as they get older
BECKY said…
Awwww, Karrie! How sweet!! You can't possibly "yell" very much for your daughter to write that to you!! :)

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