The Bob Evans Rap

I can't tell you exactly why, but the kids and I love to eat at Bob Evans. My husband does not. So any chance we have to dine out when he's not around, it's where we go.
Tonight was one such occasion and we all had a little case of the sillies. The result is below. Note that the "K" stands for me, the "T" for my son (6), and the "E" for my daughter (8).

And Mr. Evans, if you're out there and want us to rap this for your commercial, we'd be happy to.

The Bob Evans Rap
by Karrie and Co.

K: I was feeling kind of hungry with my family,
So we made a beeline for the B-O-B.

T: The what?
E: The what?
K: The B-O-B. 'Cause we like to eat at the B-O-B.
T: The Bob
E: The Bob
K: At the Bob Evans

K: We pulled into the lot and to tell the truth,
They seated us right at our favorite booth.
Lemonade with curly straws is their favorite thing,
And Bob's hot fresh coffee makes my heart sing!

T: It's time
E: It's time
K: It's time to place our order

K: Chicken strips and french fries are the same old ballad,
E: I'll take the turkey lurkey and a SIDE OF SALAD!!
K: Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, any time of day,
It's the best restaurant in the U.S.A!

T: The what?
E: The what?
K: The B-O-B
T: The Bob
E: The Bob
K: Bob Evans!

T: [closes out beat boxing, "ba-ba-ba-ba Bob Evans..."]

Alright, Bob, do we have a deal? :)


We Love it!! I had to sing this out loud, I hope I did it justice.

PS... your column today, right on.
Unknown said…
That's CUTE! Everyone has the sillies at one time or another!
I wish we had a Bob Evans. But I sure do like my Bob's Big Boy, even though I have to drag hubby there. And now I want an open faced turkey sandwich with gravy and mash.

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