Small successes are actually pretty big thanks

Months ago I went through a phase where, each Thursday, I would post three small successes. These could be as minimal as "wore matching socks" or "mowed the lawn without having to stop 37 times to yell at the kids...only 32." But the point was that we need to take the time to recognize these little things because, face it, we can all use a little morale boost from time to time. I know I sure can.
Today's small success isn't small at all, and it's not really as much of a success as a thank you.
Yesterday I came down with the stomach flu. Bad. I knew something was up when I couldn't finish my 3rd cup of morning coffee, but I traveled off to work anyway, leaving my youngest in the care of my mom.
Going through my day (did y'all know I'm a music teacher?) I began to fade in the afternoon until by the end of the last class my quarter notes and eighth notes were dancing around and off-beat. I sped home, sped to the bathroom, and then sped to bed where I stayed. All night.
And who does one want when they are sick? Mommy.
I am so thankful that my mom was there. She took care of me and my children while my husband wasn't able to be home. She checked on me, offered me tea, had a campout with my kids in the family room so they wouldn't be so worried about their own mom.
After a long night, I woke up still weak and weary, only to realize that my mom would take care of everything. She packed lunches, served breakfast, packed bookbags, took them to school, and even took out the trash.
Small successes? I think not.
Big thanks? Most definitely.


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