Computer literate babes to start Jr. networking sites?

I have one of those computer mice that doesn’t actually move. It’s just a base with a little red ball that sits on top that I roll around with my right hand while my left hand does coffee curls or is forever holding one of those super hard sourdough pretzels that leaves little crumbs all over the place.
In any case, that little red ball must have some sort of attraction that I’m unaware of, because at every turn my toddler sneaks into my office and climbs up on my chair, pounds away at the keyboard (as evidenced by the occasional skejdjfdsrlkj that shows up on the screen), pulls that red mouse ball out and runs away laughing hysterically.
As if she holds the key to my happiness or something, which she sort of does, but not really.
Her fascination with these electronic things, and the fact that she has somehow managed to reprogram our TV recorder by randomly pushing buttons makes me wonder that she’s a few spelling lessons away from actually doing real things on the computer.
At only 22 months, I do believe she would be capable of not only retouching the fat rolls out of her baby pictures, but also having a quite active Facebook account. Same as all of her other new-age baby friends, of course. And they would all sneak onto the family’s computers when mommy was off changing laundry or cooking dinner. With the roar of Sesame Street to drown out the bleeping and clicking noises of the computer, I can only imagine what sort of things would be on Facebook Jr.
(For those of you who don’t know what Facebook is, it’s a social networking site that allows friends to share things with each other, such as constant status updates, photos, games, groups, links, etc. Mostly, it’s a way to check up on old friends and see what your neighbors are up to next weekend.)
6:00 AM Up early again. Mommy’s grumpy and almost put coffee in my sippy cup.
8:30 AM Oatmeal is seriously delish! Try crying and see if your mom puts sprinkles in it. Works for me. Hahaha!
11:50 AM Elmo’s got Dorothy on! Love that fish. I soooo want one!
11:55 AM An invitation to join the group “I want a goldfish and am going to name it ‘Dorothy.’”
12:00 PM Dude, if my mom thinks I’m going to eat that dish of peas, she’s cuh-ray-zee.
12:30 PM I’m still not eating those things.
1:00 PM Ate 4 peas. Time for books (yay!) and nap (boo.)
4:00 PM What goes in must come out. ; )
4:10 PM Toddler22 just scored a 793 on the stink scale. How do you match up?
5:00 PM Is it just me, or are plastic containers the best toy ever? Why did our parents buy us all that fancy expensive stuff? Give me some measuring spoons and I’m good for like, 20 minutes.
6:00 PM PEAS AGAIN. When will the woman learn?
6:35 PM Toddler22 just added “Do NOT give peas a chance” button to her flair collection.
7:00 PM Much needed bath. I don’t think I should have squished those peas behind my ears. Crossing my fingers for bubbles.
8:30 PM Good night, all! Planning on waking up my mom for fun around 2:30, but don’t think I’ll sign on so don’t chat me up. Peace out…


ED 265 said…
Our children are "Generation Z"---the first generation of true "digital natives". Your column really isn't far from the truth!!! FBJr? Let's get it started!

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