"You can't believe everything that kids say."

First week of school, my second grader comes home and says, "I have a very important job. I get to lead the class on fire drills all year long. They line up behind me and I lead everyone down the hall, down the steps, and outside."

"Wow!" I replied, "that's a very important job! So proud of you!" and I gushed all over her because, well, it is an important job.

Fast forward to the following week, when my kindergartner started school. We were on the way home and he says, "I have a very important job. I get to lead the class on fire drills all year long."

"Reeeaaaallllly?" I asked, knowing full well that if someone was going to try to pull one over on me, it'd be him.

"Yep. I stand at the door and everyone lines up behind me."

"Reeaealllllly?" I asked again.

"I don't believe it," said the second grader sister.

"Tell me exactly what you do," I said, trying to catch him in a lie. But it didn't work, because he explained, in detail, how they line up and where they walk and where they stand.

Second grader, age eight proclaims, "I still don't believe it. You just can't believe everyting that kids say."

But apparently you can. Two weeks later I ran into his teacher and wanted to find the answer to this question. She said that indeed my son was the line leader for the fire drills. [insert raised eyebrows] She went on to say that normally she has an adult there to help her but not this year so she needed someone really responsible. [insert dropped jaw]

"So you picked my kid?" I asked.

"Oh yes. He takes his job really seriously. He's on a mission and does a really good job at making sure people follow him and walk out.



And with that I thanked her, shaking my head about how the same kid who wore the same special pair of underwear for 2 1/2 weeks, and the same kid who spent 2 years digging a giant hole in the back yard, and the same kid who is known to bust out some dance moves when he can't keep his emotions in, and the same kid who goes outside to pee on a regular basis, and the same kid who spends more time on his bike and skateboard than on his pointy-non-existant butt, could ever be chosen to be the most responisble kid in the class.

Maybe you can't believe everything that teachers say.... or maybe it's just hard to believe everything that your kids do when you're not around.


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