Small Successes


This week I'm inviting any readers to list one of their successes here as a comment. I know personally I've had the kind of day that doesn't feel like I've succeed at much of anything, one of those worn down days where I want to just snuggle up on the couch and fall asleep...and it's only 4:30 in the afternoon.

My accomplishments for the day are:

1. Let the baby eat a bowl of oatmeal without any help. Normally I would be all over her, so that the oatmeal wasn't. I had to let go. I did. Then I cleaned.

2. I tried a new recipe for dinner and it was pretty good. Walnut pesto over fettuccine with fresh basil from the garden and a homegrown salad. Putting in the garden this year has really made me happy.

3. Despite the fact that I was really, really tired, I played Monopoly Jr. with the kids. I will, however, admit to cheating at the end so that my money pile would mysteriously dribble away to nothing...


Unknown said…
Hey Karrie!! Had to stop by your blog and I also read your awesome article about mommy bloggers. I love it and I think I wanna spread the good word about it. I'm on vacation so slow to get my blogging act together but I dig your vibe! I'll email you when I get back into the groove of my "normal" life.

My small success for the week? Being on vacation with my three kids!!! It's been filled with plenty of small AND big successes!

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