Re-usable lunch baggies

As my mother and her mother would say, I've been "tinker-farting" around with these lunch bags lately. Last year I made a trial one for my first-grader, and I'm happy to say that besides a little fringing at the edges, the whole thing stayed perfectly intact. We used it over and over and over again for sending little snacks in her lunch box instead of wasting small plastic baggies.
Not to mention, the snazzy pattern really brightened up her lunch box!
This latest set is constructed much better. I hope to someday post the pattern, not that you really need one to measure the size of sandwich you want. They are cotton on the outside and nylon on the inside, and believe it or not, I wash them in the dishwasher.
Mediocre seamstresses unite and cook up a batch of these yourself! Or maybe I'll get the urge to sew up a bunch and you can find me at the farmer's market one sunny Thursday before school starts....?


You did it again. Man, you make the rest of us look bad. I would so buy these at a farmers market. I haven't sen any vendor at farmers markets out here with this idea. Get sewing, you show off (jk)!
BECKY said…
Karrie....Fabulous idea, dahhhling! I can visualize "sew" many uses for those little baggies! I think you've definitely created a "Must Have" item. Get busy sewing...and you could become one of those QVC millionaires! :-)
BECKY said…
P.S. I forgot to say that one of my sayings is: fiddle fart! Must be a relative to tinker!

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