It's hard to see that I'm 32

Today is my birthday. Husband woke up early and bought me a fancy coffee and donut just like he said, and even though those make me smile, I certainly am not winking at it.
In true ironic form, this morning my left eye is nearly swollen shut a little on the gooey side and all because even at the age of 32, I'm still a major dork.
I had good intentions. Last night before bed I thought to myself, "I don't want to wake up on my birthday with make-up gunked on my eyes or running down my face" so I used extra soap to get it all off.
Using soap on my eyes isn't something I normally do, as I soon found out that gunky eyes is really the better way to go. Somehow, the soap went directly INTO my eye and pretty much dissovled every bit of natural eye-juice and I'm almost positive burned a large hole in the ol' eyeball as well.
Not a great way to say goodnight, and after attempting to flush out my eye and putting in allergy drops (because I didn't know what else to do), I squeezed my eye shut and went to bed, chalking it up to another Call-Me-Lucy moment.
This morning, over the roar of the rain, I woke up and opened my eye. Eye. Singular. The other one was sealed shut, crusted over, swollen, and surprise surprise, pretty gunked up and running down my face, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

Oh yes. Happy Birthday to me. Once I regain full sight and look a little less like Popeye, I think I'll go grab a Seventeen magazine and hope to grow up by this time next year.


Karrie said…
I would like to add that the second part of my birthday morning was spent unwrapping all of the lovely gifts from the children, which was just a bunch of stuff from around the house they put in ziploc baggies and cigar boxes (covered in notebook paper and 3 rolls of tape.) I got, in no particular order: golf tees, my sunglasses, play money, a pad of paper, a compass, 2 of my CD's, minitature Christmas cards, and from the son, a bunch of MRE foods he recently received...and then he wanted them back. Oh, the love.
BECKY said…
Too funny about your eye!!! And so sweet about the gifts from your darling kids. Ahhhh, these are the days you'll remember....
And you're 32? ...I remember that decade of my life....I think!

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