It would be broccoli, but...

So much for the good camera.

I have two digital cameras: one that is very pricey, fancy, and complicated. It takes marvelous pictures. The other I got free with some credit card points and the pictures are very so-so. For that reason, I have typically used the freebie one for throwing in the purse on outings so that I don't have a 10 pound bag of lenses dangling off one arm. The heavy-duty one I use for special photos, like the one of my children holding all of the broccoli that we harvested from our garden yesterday.

It was beautiful. Living in the woods, our garden is small but mighty and we picked three lovely heads of broccoli yesterday. I posed all three children in front of the garden, each holding a head as if it were a bouquet of roses. The boy didn't even give bunny ears. The baby smiled. It was practically a photographic miracle.

I snapped about 7 shots, and wouldn't you know that every single file had an error on the camera. Couple that with the big dinner of fresh broccoli (and beans...yummy) we had for dinner and another great photo op has been lost to the digital world. Where's a good 35mm when you need it?

But, feeling rather proud of my broccoli, I wanted to keep the proudness rolling and show you all that even though I can't apparently operate a camera correctly, I can do a little hooking. This is the latest rag rug creation, made for my son who got to choose the colors. I think camo is the eternal favorite. Here's little Annie, using it in her kitchen as she prepares her mother a delicious bowl of banana soup and a cup of coffee, and not a single serving of broccoli.


and at the farmers markets, you can see rag rugs too, and copies of your book. let me know how this goes. skirts, rugs, sandwich bags - i see a trend here.

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