In the background

This morning as I sit and type
There's a banana sitting, over-ripe,
Next to the coffee pot and such.
I just can never have too much.

The kids are all finished eating
Oatmeal covers the baby's seating.
It's on her clothes it's in her hair.
I love that it is everywhere.

The dryer hums, the grass in long,
Spongebob sings his favorite song.
I wonder about the news today...
I wouldn't have it another way.

My birthday is creeping up so slow,
Gray hairs always remind me so.
The kids, the man, the bills, the mess.
It's the color of a mother's stress.

Today when this post is through
We'll venture out with errands to do.
Shopping with three kids is tough,
But I just can't seem to get enough.

Overworked, underpaid,
I admit the beds are never made.
Someday I'll look back on this rhyme,
And miss every minute of this time.
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So sweet, so true. Laughed so hard I almost peed a little at the 'oatmeal on the seat line'...(Is it inappropriate to write down a word associated w/ urine on a stranger's blog?) because we have some crusted on as well... I picture adults sitting on brown sugar oatmeal crusted chairs at my son's high school graduation party in 16 years.
Karrie said…
Gosh, I just meant the high chair! Not really her, um, 'seat.' But your version is pretty darn funny too, only because I ponder just how food gets into the diaper all too often...
I did actually mean the chair... sorry! Oatmeal in the diaper hasn't happened yet!

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