The old gray mare likes campfires. And bacon.

Coffee just ain't cutting it anymore.
I remember, back in my so-called youth, that I was shoot a couple of cups o' joe when I needed to be fresh, to be alert. To take a test, to drive somewhere new. It was an excellent drug of choice.
And now I might as well be pouring it on my toes becuase it just doesn't work anymore.
This all became a sad realization when the call came in from the groomer that I had missed the appointment that I myself scheduled for the dog today. A second "aww, snap" went off in the old noggin because I remembered then that I had also forgotten a vet appointment earlier the week for the dog to get the shots that could allow her to go to the groomer.
Two appointments, completely forgotten.
Granted, I have had a rough week with my fair share of obstacles, but still. Two appointments? I am slipping. Slipping like a kid in mid-July on a long piece of plastic that has a hose running down it.
So tonight, instead of doing things I should be doing, the kids and I sat down to read a great book (review coming soon--stay tuned) and cook a little late night snack over the fire. We had stopped earlier at the store and bought Jiffy Pop, and the kids were elated because it looked nothing like popcorn should, and like every kid does, they thought was going to explode when I cooked it. While one kid ate the popcorn, the other brought out the marshmallows. And soon enough I brough out the bacon.
I admit I didn't eat this growing up, but I regret all of those years without this tasty treat.

(s'mores ain't got nothing on these babies!)
Simply string some bacon on the end of a cooking stick and cook it hot on the fire. We're not toasting marshmallows here, we're roasting bacon. As the fat starts to render off, grab a piece of bread and start dabbing the bacon, soaking up the grease.
When the bacon is fully cooked, eat the bread and bacon together.
Smokey deliciousness, no matter how you look at it.

It is simple dishes like this that keep me from being a vegetarian.
It is the forgetfulness that keeps me from giving up coffee, even if it doesn't work that great. It still goes quite well with bacon.


Loren said…
My mouth is watering like Hell Hound reading this post. I am going to try that bacon treat.

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