Note to self...

If your kid begs for a bowl of cereal at night and then eats it in the family room where he knows he's not supposed to do, and then if that kid dumps the bowl of cereal (milk and 5,000 Rice Krispies) on your good rocking chair, and then if your daughter tries to make things better by running for the Dustbuster which won't work on the soggy mess, it's best not to:
1. Yell
2. Grab the Dustbuster
3. Throw the Dustbuster across the room in anger so that it breaks open and spills its entire contents all over the rest of the floor

I have learned this the hard way, and now know that I should have:
1. Taken 500 deep breaths
2. Gotten out the big vacuum
3. Prepared for the trip to the dry cleaners

But hindsight is always 20/20, right?



i think i have a hole in my closet door from a very similar lacking hindsight moment.

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