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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fairy house has a new renter

Earlier this year we constructed a fairy house in the backyard. (details here) Since then we've been patiently waiting for the fairies to arrive, but apparently we've attracted other such visitors.
We think he's waiting comfortably on his bed of moss for us to use our little iron-weathered sandstone dishes to serve him a little toad tea party.
And little toadie will never know, but he's also inspired 20 little lines of verse, which I'm sure I'll tuck away for the kids someday... Thanks to Kim at the Zook Book Nook for inspiring me to write this little poem.
Wooded lot, new carpet, dishes provided
To build a fairy house, one must first
Think just like a fairy.
Things that sparkle, things that glitter,
All colors light and airy.
Make sure to add a touch of moss
For their dainty little feet.
Add flowers for some decoration
And to make the air smell sweet.
Prepare to serve your fairy guests
With tiny cups of tea,
Provide them with cups and saucers,
In natural community.
But be prepared, as fairies go,
These mysterious little creatures
Come in all shapes and sizes,
Complexions, facial features.
For when you build a fairy house
Or fairy hut or tent,
You’re welcoming the fairy world
And you never know who’ll rent.


robin said...

Your blog is amazing.
I love it so much! You are a total inspiration!

Samantha Gianulis said...

awwww, i feel so woodland, pixie-ish having read that. i will be thinking about that green green grass and the existence of fairies all day long. if magic exists, it's certainly stirring outside somewhere.

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