The dirt-lover/book-lover comes out: book review

Just had to share some of these excellent books that I am reading or re-reading this summer.

Another good Tom Brown Jr. book just arrived in the mail. I've already let the dishes stack up a little too much for reading this book. Not only does he show you the practical side of nature with children, but the first part of the book talks about teaching awareness in the environment, about how to break down the barriers put up by society so that you can truly be aware of all that is around you. Important stuff!

Scratching the Woodchuck is a re-read. David Kline ranks as one of the best authors I know-- anyone who can give you a complicated image or thought without the use of a thesaurus is tops in my book.

I should add "science-lover" to the blog title too. This book is excellent!!! It is supposed to be for ages 8-12, but I found that my 5 and 7 year old can get them with appropriate clues and hints. The names used are a little weird (what happened to Bob and Sue and Mike and Mary?) but the mysteries are very well done. I wanted to keep this book in my giant mom purse and pull it out when we need to fill some time, but ended up reading about half of it around the fire a couple of weeks back and only had to stop because the sun was down and the fire was out.
The list goes on, but you know what they say: So many books, so little time.
And I like to add: So few bookshelf space.


so little bookshelf space is so right, but i just can't stop buying books. i may get that science book for alex.
Loren said…
These look really good. Thanks for the reviews. My kids will love the last one, I'm sure.

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