The view from the backyard

I spent today cleaning my house, going through baby toys and being over zealous and steam cleaning the carpet in the family room. I even went as far as to rearrange, including the amazing task of moving an entire giant bookshelf by myself. (Toby cheered. "Wow, mom, you're really strong!")
All of this work and sweat was really a loaded day of chores.
I'm kicking my kids out of the house.
The weather is good, the sun is out (most of the time), the grass is fairly dried out, and the poison ivy hasn't really reared its ugly head quite yet. So there's really no good reason that the kids should be inside at all, except maybe to use the restroom, although my son does have a special spot behind a fallen tree that he prefers.
But here's the thing: Kids SHOULD be outside, without any pushing or shoving. They should be out running and jumping and spinning in circles until they fall down and/or puke up their popsicles. They should be sneaking drinks from the garden hose and have mosquito bites and skinned knees and a farmer's tan to beat the band.
They should be out doing these things without parents asking them to-- by choice. And I don't mean taking the DS and sitting on the back step.
So this summer, I'm not giving my kids an option. The house is clean, the toys are stashed away for a rainy day. The backyard is theirs to destroy, steering clear of the garden and flower beds. They are free to build and break and jump and whatever, and as long as there is a stash of BandAids in the bathroom and popsicles in the freezer, they're game.
And I'm glad.
The truth will be told, however, if the family room stays this clean until mid-July.
(Track our outdoor adventures on Dirt Don't Hurt, and then go out and play for yourself.)


Loren said…
I totally agree with it rains really hard here every single day this week!!

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