Today's 10 reasons to smile

1. No lunches to pack this morning-- all green reward day at school.
2. Coffee tastes especially good this morning.
3. The cardinal has only hit the window four times so far.
4. It's supposed to rain today.
5. The rain will hopefully wash the cardinal poop off of the back porch, side porch, front porch.
6. The garden is hanging on, but the rain will help.
7. We had a great weekend, in the style of my family. There was polka music, campfires, getting dusty on 4-wheelers, creekhikes, homemade fireworks, and my kids were visibly dirty.
8. I have just enough energy to get going on the laundry and dinner's in the freezer, so I may reclaim my crown as a domestic diva
9. I'm still glowing over the success of our sand candles. How-to here.
10. Five minutes of total silence before I wake up the gang, unless the cardinal comes back again.


that bird just looks mal-adjusted, but wow, that color. i'll send you cooper's hawk to scare it off ;-)

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