The perfect teacher's gift

I literally loathe the end of school because of teacher gifts. There's just something about giving someone something for doing their job when all day, every day, I get pretty much squat for busting my butt taking care of kids, keeping the house in order, mowing the lawn, etc. etc. etc. Other SAHM's will know where I'm coming from.
But still, I am drawn to the gift giving when the time comes and always stressing about what to give.
What's too much?
What's not enough?
Should I make it?
Should my kid make it?
What doesn't qualify as "stuff she doesn't need?"

When my children were in preschool, I came up with some relatively clever ideas. One year I designed some blank recipe cards and left one spot without lines so that my kid could draw a little something for decoration. Another year I had all of the children draw a smiley face on a piece of paper which I scanned and then had printed into blank note cards.
Very nice preschool gifts, I think.
But here I am, dealing with an outstanding first grade teacher and I go right back to my list of questions. And after putting it together rather haphazardly, I think what my daughter and i have concocted is pretty darn good.
This year, Mrs. D is getting: homemade cards from the kid (complete with flowers she picked, pressed, and glued), homemade cookies, and a small gift card. A little of everything, neatly packed into the cutest little basket.
I will rest easy tonight, and count the months until my new teaching job that starts next year comes to an end and wonder if anyone gives music teachers homemade cookies.


Loren said…
Hi Karrie, I feel the same way. I really hate when other mothers pressure me into a group gift. I usually give baked cookies during the winter holidays. However, I did love getting gifts from students when I taught. I still have all of the non-edible ones. Best Wishes.
Unknown said…
the gift cards were always the most popular gift at my school :^) — with a homemade card, of course!

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