Squeaky squeak-- let's go to the movies!

As I'm sure I'll write about soon, I am returning to my roots (ha ha) and doing a garden this year...along with a zillion other people, according to the seed companies. While auto industries are failing left and right, the seed companies report booming numbers, some even hiring extra help for processing orders. The so-called "recession gardens" are all the rage.
Me, I just like homegrown tomatoes and dusty beans off the vine.
But that doesn't mean that I won't mind saving a buck or two on produce if our garden produces.
As true as it is that love to dig in the dirt, I also love a good bargain. Free stuff makes my world go round, and I reckon that even if I won every lottery in the country I'd still clip a coupon and enter my name five times in a basket raffle. I'm just that kind of person.
I was recently reading on another blog about RedBox and wanted to share this tip with any of my readers. Have you heard of RedBox? It's the vending machine outside of the grocery store that doesn't have candy or pop. For a buck (A BUCK!) you can rent a movie for one night, not due back until 9pm the following day.
The movies are new, the price is right, and there's no pimply-faced kid asking you to show fourteen kinds of ID before you can check out the movie. It simply takes the swipe of a credit card and the touch of a few fingers and you're done.
But visit www.redbox.com and it won't even take that much! On their site, if you sign up for the email list, you are sent the code for a FREE MOVIE! Better than that? If you're a texter with not much going on come Monday night, sign up for their phone alerts and get a code for a free movie every Monday night.
And then, if you're really like me, celebrate your free movie by blowing 10 bucks on candy and snacks for the show.


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