The mini tent-- it never hurts to ask

Last Thursday was just an ordinary day until I made a mad dash to K-Mart to make a return and quickly buy some carrot seeds for the garden.
In a whirlwind race through the store that ended with a very slow nearly standstill wait in the check-out line, I noticed the mini tent.
I have always eyed these things up, these display models for the tents the store sells. They seemed the absolute perfect toy for someone like me who always hated Barbie and most doll-sized playhouses. Seriously, pretending to cook? Clean? Make beds? Rock babies? I had better things to do as a child.
Like go camping.
But back in K-Mart, there was, as usual, a few extra employees hanging around and not ringing people up, and on my way out I pointed to the tent and said to one of them, "you know, if you sold these things, people would buy them."
"It's for sale," she told me.
"Not anymore!" I said, the grin on my face forming instinctively, as if I finally got that Red Rider BB Gun.
I think I'm just a tad more excited than my kids, but still, we're pretty happy. This summer we can go camping...and play camping.
With a real removable rain fly, to boot.


Kristin said…
NO WAY! That's for sale? You know the Littlest Pet Shops LOVE to camp and we might need one. If you come upon a second one I'd pay for it.

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