Green fingers, no markers needed

I really have the bug. Really, really. It's probably because after years of waiting and planning, we finally built some garden boxes for our home. Because most of our backyard is wooded, there's not much space for a garden but I really felt incomplete without one.
This year we've got some garden boxes built pretty much in the middle of our yard. There's just no better place. And beyond that, I am again going to attempt a sunflower house that will no doubt take up the remainder of the grassy area.
Last year I wrote a column about "putting on an addition in our side yard" (read the old post here to learn about just what a sunflower house is) and after not one, not two, but three attempts, nature got the best of me. Rains and toads and bunnies completely shattered my dreams, but not this year. This year I am bound and determined to successfully complete this magical playland, even if I have to spend $400 on fake flowers and glue them into my backyard.
You can read more about the whole ordeal on my other blog, Dirt Don't Hurt, and I'll wait until the last frost comes our way very patiently...or not.


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