Our Christmas Poems

So I thought I'd put a bit of literature into our annual Christmas program. I had the kids, each separately, help me write a poem. They gave the ideas, I made them rhyme. Look out, Jack Prelutsky!

My Sister Baked the Christmas Cookies
By Mom and Toby, 2008

My sister baked the Christmas cookies
When no one was around.
My mom was downstairs wrapping presents
And didn’t hear a sound.

My sister got creative
With her culinary skills,
And when I think about what she made
It just gives me the chills.

First she took a giant bowl
And filled it with orange juice
And then added from the freezer
Some ground up meaty moose.

Then she found some snack mix
In the pantry, way in back,
The marshmallows were all crusty
And the cereal all cracked.

Then some flour and some sugar,
And eggs that totaled twenty.
I sure hope these tasted good,
Because she was making plenty!

Then she mixed it with a spoon
With lots of song and lovin’
Then scooped it into tiny balls
And put them in the oven.

When they were brown and crusty
It was time to cool and frost.
She thought a tasty icing
Would be tobasco sauce.

When mom came back from wrapping
She said, “what smells like poo?”
Sister said “I baked some cookies,
And make them just for you!”

“Oh how sweet!” my mommy said,
I was surprised she wasn’t mad.
Then mom said “I’m on a diet,
Let’s give them to your dad.”

My Brother Decorated the Tree this Year
By Mom and Ellen, 2008

My brother decorated the tree this year,
It’s the strangest I’ve ever seen.
He hung so many ornaments on
You can barely tell it’s green.

He started with his toothbrush
And then squeezed on some paste.
Then stuck a bagel on a limb!
(But first he took a taste!)

Next he got a bag of chips
And hung them here and there.
Then emptied out his dresser drawer
And hung some underwear.

And masking tape and markers too
And don’t forget the string!
Aluminum foil and cotton balls,
He hung most everything!

Near the top he hung the shoes
That gave him such a blister.
And my mom grabbed him just before
He hung our baby sister.

Then he piled up the chairs
And climbed right up so far,
And placed himself upon the top,
Our crazy Christmas star!


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