Jingle Bells...WHO smells?

Shamefully enough, I had to google the lyrics to "Jingle Bells, Batman smells" today, only to find out there are a lot of different versions that I have never heard. Some nicer than not, but it stands to raise a question:
Do we teach our kids these revolting rhymes?
Does Batman really smell?
And what about Deck the halls with gasoline???
(not to mention the ones that are unfit to post on the blog...)

Thoughts, anyone?


Kristin said…
I haven't taught them to my kids. I'm figuring the boys at school/day care will handle that childhood ritual.
Karrie said…
Since no one has shared any versions, I'm taking the liberty to share our new one:

Jingle Bells, Bellie Smells,
Norma's stinky too.
They out searching in the yard
To find some frozen poo!

(note: Those are our dogs. And yes, they like to eat frozen turds. And yes, it's disgusting.)

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