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Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to cook a turkey, kid style

Ellen’s Tercy Recpe 2008
(Made by Ellen, first grade)

1 cup of stilt
2 cups of green benes
3 cups of ptatos
5 cups of corn
4 cups of fower
7 cups of apple juse
6 cups of water
8 cups of Pumpkin
10 cups of bnanas
9 cups of peper
11 cups of cinimin
13 cups of spinach
12 cups of asparirgch
14 cups of shuger
16 cups of tmatos
15 cups of butter
17 cups of coffe
18 cups of milk
19 cups of persie chees

First you torun on your ovin to 16 dgerese. Thn stuff the turkey with tmatos and stuf the trkey with bnanas. Then wipe the turkey with butter and shuger. Then put the rest of the ingedtis on top. I love turkey. My turkey is 19 feet long. And 19 feet wide.

Toby’s Turkey Recipe 2008
(As dictated to mom)

1 big flop of yogurt
some cookie dough
Apple juice
hot dogs
Glob of ice cream
1 bone of turkey

Put them all in a big bowl and grind it up. Add the finishing touch: chicken noodle soup.
And a 105 pound turkey.

TO COOK:Cook it in the fireplace at zero degrees for 146 hours.

TO SERVE:Put some sushi around it. Then I set the table and serve the drinks and then I serve the food.


robin said...

this made me laugh so hard that I very nearly forgot how beat down I am by my kids right now.
Love the kid tercy recipies!!!

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