The Piggy Bank Blues

I know, I should record this and put a nifty little link so you can all hear it, but frankly, it ain't gonna happen.
This is the song I wrote to sing to Ellen's class while teaching Junior Achievement.
Look out Laurie Berkner...

The Piggy Bank Blues

I woke up this morning
Turned on the TV.
There on a commercial
What did I see?
I saw a toy
That I just had to have.
I ran to show my mama
And I ran to show my dad.

They said to me,
And this ain’t funny.
“That toy that you want
Costs a whole lotta money!
Check your bank
And see what is inside.”
I shook my little piggy bank
But it was empty and I cried.

I’ve got those blues,
Those empty piggy bank blues.
Those lowdown got no money
Piggy bank blues.

I asked my mama
I asked my pop.
What can I do to fill
My bank up to the top?
They said to work,
And they gave me lots of chores.
I cleaned my bedroom, washed the dishes
Even vacuumed up the floors.


When I was done,
They said, “now kid,
It’s time to pay you for all
The work that you did”
They gave me money!
Yippee, hooray, oh boy!
I went right to the store
And I bought myself that toy.

When I got home
I had some change.
A couple of bucks
It was kinda strange.
I took that money,
And you this ain’t no prank.
I ran upstairs and put it
Right into my piggy bank.

Now I don’t have those blues
No more piggy bank blues.
I’m savin’ money, and my
Piggy bank is full.(repeat)

k. mcallister5/1/08


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