How I REALLY spent my Mother's Day

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the ups and downs of Mom's Day. I whined about all of the extra work moms have to endure over this exhausting holiday, and even dissed my family's cooking skills.
But for those who really care, I actually had a decent Mother's Day this year.
After waking up with a sore throat and feeling generally ill, my morning (post precious cards and post breakfast, of course) was spent in the tub and the bed, trying to relax and sleep the bug out of me. And it must have worked because by the afternoon I was feeling better. We went out to eat and I pretty much scarfed down everything in sight. The kids were so well behaved, another patron actually stopped us on the way out to tell me that they were the best kids she's ever seen in a restaurant! Whoo hoo! Score one for me!
Upon returning home, the kids and I all cuddled on the floor for an hour of Spongebob, and by the time we got up, Ryan and I must have had some strange renewed energy. We spent the evening doing the strangest things -- he making homemade potato chips, and I sewing a colorful skirt for Ellen.
Not our typical Sunday evening...but I wish it was.
For sure, it was a mother's day I won't forget -- and I've got the skirt to prove it.



Kristin said…
picture? (of the skirt).

Glad to hear your are feeling better.

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