Mom, bring the nachos

My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas??? It no longer works. Instead she's serving nachos.

Poor, poor Pluto, we learned, isn't a planet anymore.

It's a dwarf planet. And it's got a messy orbit.

My kids are always asking me obscure questions, so that we have to look them up. i've decided to start posting the answers should anyone else have this problem. Today, Ellen asked why Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

Apparently, it was decided in 2006 what the real definition of a planet is. In order to be real planet, it has to, among other things, dominate it's orbit. And Pluto's not doing it's part to clean it's orbit, which is very similar to the way Ellen doesn't clean her room. Pluto's orbit is filled with asteroids and other such outer-space garbage, Ellen's room is filled with dirty clothes, notepads, and Barbie shoes.

Not only that, but Pluto's moon is nearly half it's size, so much that Pluto isn't the real 'boss' of the orbit, similar to the way that Toby is over half the size of Ellen and therefore doesn't let her rule the roost.

Who knew kids and planets could be so much alike?

In any case, we've got to change the old saying. I chose "nachos" but if someone else has a better idea, by all means chime in!


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