Help! My baby's hot!

I consider this both entertaining and disturbing. But mostly it's just plain hilarious, which is why I had to share it with all of you.
My daughter Ellen, age six, came home from kindergarten yesterday with a Valentine's Day project they did in school. Each child got to choose someone in their class to be his or her valentine. They then had their photo taken with their valentine and as a writing exercise, had to write four reasons why they chose that person to be their valentine. The chosen "valentine" got to bring home the paper that was done about them.
My daughter and her girlfriend picked each other. They wrote nerdy things like "is nice to me," "likes to read," and other such appropriate stuff. Quite typical. And my daughter was really anxious to bring home that paper and show me.
But stuffed in the back of her folder was another one which she was reluctant to bring out.
"THROW IT AWAY!!!!!!!" she screamed.
After begging to see it, I see that a little boy in her class chose her to be his valentine. Why? According to his four reasons, she:
1. plaz with me
2. rns fast
3. kyux (???)
and is...4. HOT.
My daughter is HOT. This is not supposed to happen in kindergarten!
When I wasn't looking, Ellen threw the piece of paper that announced her "hotness" in the trash.
But when she wasn't looking, I pulled it out, brushed off the coffee grounds, and filed it away. If she doesn't like it now, she'll certainly not like it when I pull it out at her highschool graduation party...
Such a mother am I.


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